WeatherOps Live Event Services

Plan: Weather Risk Report

Assess Your Risk Before the Event

Our Weather Risk Report offers a complete climatological profile for any location on earth. Quickly generate a detailed history of observed rain, wind, lightning, and temperature information for an upcoming event to shop an insurance policy. To better understand the weather risk, a long range forecast for the event location and date range is included. Simply provide the location and date range, then choose how long of a historical profile you want. We’ll do the rest.

Get Your Weather Risk Report

$200 one time
  • Long-Range Forecast Included
  • History up to 20 Years Back

Protect: Don’t Become a Headline

Protection for your event is as easy as providing a date and a location. Event-specific reports trigger prior to your event and includes all expected threats, plus general weather information for planning purposes. Whether it’s a festival, stadium event or world tour, we’ve got your back.

Event Weather Coverage

Get yours today for as little as
$200 Per day
  • Meteorologist Monitoring & Alerting
  • Daily Planner & Weather Check
  • Thunderstorm & Rainfall Planner
  • Mobile App Access
  • Lightning & Weather Alerts

Prove: Weather Impact Report

Verify Weather Happened

Our Weather Impact Report offers a way for event managers and insurers to confirm weather conditions after an event to submit with a claim. Input your event location as well as the insured date and time, and we’ll generate your report to determine how much rain fell, how close lightning struck, or how strong winds were.

Lightning Verification Report

$95 per report
  • One location per report
  • Cloud to Cloud & Cloud to Ground strikes
  • Up to 14 day reporting period

Weather Verification Report

$200 per report
  • One location per report
  • Verify Precipitation / Wind / Temperature
  • 24 hour reporting period

+14 Day Coverage

Do you need event coverage for a duration beyond 14 days or more information? Contact us to get started.
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